My 1st cup of tea!

Greetings and Salutations!

I’ll present myself…. my name is Lulu, Lulu Madhatter…the cutest kitty you’ll ever see!


Some may say that i was born from a fellow female…I would like to recall it when the stars ALIGNED and the cosmos BURNED and I FELL FROM THE SKY AND…. yeah pretty much…that…

As you can see my fur is tortoise and some may say…nothing good will come out it…I feel normal…maybe you’re the weird ONE?

Ok…enough of my superb self and start telling how I got to meet MOM!

So when I fell from the sky…I felt really lonely…a second ago I was surrounded by millions of stars and then… I felt the cold ground and noises i didn’t distinguish. I started to feel insecure and afraid…didn’t know if i should cover myself…or where to go to begin with…so for two days I was meowing to the sky…trying to beg for forgiveness for whatever I’ve done wrong…and then on the second day a woman (that later I’ll start calling MOM) descending from the stairs above me and bringing with her… a box that was meowing like ALL HELL WILL BRAKE LOOSE!

What’s wrong with that BOX?

Because the stupid box was scaring me i started meowing again…and then the woman noticed me… (F***)

At first the woman seemed a bit at panic…not knowing exactly what to do, but at the next moment the box she was caring was carefully placed on the floor and she started walking quietly towards me and SHE CAUGHT ME!!!!!!!


I calmed down pretty quickly….her warmth was everything that i needed at that moment.

The next thing I notice was another woman (later will be grandma) that was descending the stairs and brought me home where I slept on her lap the rest of the day…

Ok ok…that’s enough of the amazing ME for today!

Be careful with the shooting Stars… you’ll never know when you’re gonna catch a cat in the FACE!




2nd Crisis!

I remember perfectly the first night I spent with my new MOM.

I was frightened but at the same time I felt alone. I filled me with courage and I went up to her bed … where she was sleeping (or so I thought). The sheets had risen slightly to let me enter. It looked so warm and cozy that I couldn’t resist to enter and nest me near the neck of my new MOM. Then I realized that after all my MOM was awake and was cuddling me … I slept there all night, rolled up and making my cute “ronron” sounds.

It seems that MOM didn’t slept very well …

Listened to what she said, she doesn’t wanted to move because she was afraid to scare me or even smash me (that one might have been unpleasant), and then MOM woke up full of body aches … ups … I really like this MOM.

But it was also the next morning I noticed something … I wasn’t the only short legs with whiskers in this House! I was not alone!

I found myself staring at an hysterical dog jumping everywhere … and then…well, oh boy he was triple my size.  He just continued barking and I didn’t understand why!

I heard that his name was Apollo. MOM was talking to him, saying that I would be his new friend and that he should go easy on me not to scare me. But who said that I wanted to be friends with a dog?

I didn’t like the idea … but oh well … I would think of a plan to eventually get rid of him!

Operation rid myself of Apollo had began!





This was me with only two months old!


Really cute…nyaaa XD

1st Crisis!

I remember being in the belly of my biological mother, then came into this world and being all ALONE!

Since the beginning of my life I understood that I had to depend upon myself! Yes my biological mother basically is a bitch that would rather be in a warm bed, filling her belly all day and let me alone in an abandoned chicken coop. .. and thus my mother was introduced …
My father … well I can’t say for sure which of the two males is my father. If it’s a huge yellow big cat to whom humans call Snow (Yes the name does not have exactly to do with the color he has, but someone told that it came from a Final Fantasy game …) or if it would be a cat grey tabby that are more skinny, and they gave him the name of Joker (From Batman movie because of its peculiar smile …). One of them is my father …

As the months were passing, I gained more strength and started to venture into the yard. Yes I am fearless! (Or at least I wanted to believe that I am…)

One day I spotted a human on the other side of the yard … but since I am fearless and had a wall separating us I didn’t hid myself … I faced them with my fearless look! (Although it seems to me that the reaction of humans was something like a … AWWWW)

Although counting by my nails, I would already be two months old and these humans invaded my territory!

Oh my god! What the heck… my 1st Crisis! They were three against one! Chased me around the backyard … cornered me in the hen house … I still managed to escape once … but I was panicking …. all my courage fled me by the tail … my meowing were intense asking for my mother (but as I referred to earlier, my mother is a bitch and was on the other yard sleeping in a warm bed…) I started to hear something that felt like a cat meowing … I thought it was my mother who had decided to help me by miracle … and when I encounter it was a human! Oh god! Humans know my language! I ran back to the hen house …. and .… I was caught.

I was panicking … but oddly enough I had calmed down a little bit. They wrapped me in a towel and drove me against to a chest, to where it was hot and always telling me gentle words.

Then as I understood, they put me in a box and then took me to a strange place that walked alone … and with what was ridding us we came to another strange place. Once again a strange person took me, weighed me and saw my ears that were brilliantly full of Dirt! (Yes for those small animals do not enter my ears!) After being inspected, they took me to the House where I am now …

The human of this house took me to his room. It was a clean place and it was warm. As I was still scared of this person I let me rolled up for a long time. From time to time I heard this person talking to me. It seems that it is a female of this species and she was caressing and saying sweet words to me, she also said that she would be my new MOM.

During the night I realized that no one would make me harm … and I ended up going to snuggle me underneath the neck of this person… it was so warm.

This was my first crisis!

PS: These humans began to call me Purin … i really don’t know why the hell are they calling me that …




Look at me…


….I was so cute XD

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